September 29, 2023
Pragmatic Play Launches Roleta Brasileira, the Localized Roulette Table for Brazilian Players

Pragmatic Play Launches Roleta Brasileira, the Localized Roulette Table for Brazilian Players

It is no secret that loves catering to the needs of its LatAm fans; that's why it has launched a new Live for its fans across the market, .

If you're a Brazilian player who's been looking forward to an opportunity like this one, to get to play at a roulette table, your time has come! You are now free to join the table and enjoy your Live Casino experience delivered by one of the best Live Dealer content providers, Pragmatic Play. Find out more about it first, though, before you start playing it, to maximize your enjoyment! We've covered all bases and ensured you find out all about the table before you join it!

Roleta Brasileira Launched by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play, the leading Live Casino content provider, has once again made a big chunk of its fan base happy, delivering Brazilian the chance to engage in a customized Live Dealers experience, and launching the localized Roleta Brasileira roulette table!

The new table joins the developer's Live Casino portfolio, and it is essentially a Brazilian Portuguese-language version of its leading Live Roulette game, a localized roulette table for all players and operators in Brazil. With a 4K view, the developer's signature state-of-the-art studio, Brazilian online casinos will surely benefit from Roleta Brasileira, since players will certainly love it!

As with all of Pragmatic Play's roulette tables, Roleta Brasileira features the option to save favourite bets, offers interactive game statistics, and a chat option where players can converse with the dealer. Special bets like Full Complete, Finales a Cheval, and Final en Plain are also offered.

Roleta Brasileira joins various region-targeted roulette tables like Swedish Roulette, Korean Roulette, Flemish Roulette, and Turkish Roulette already available in Pragmatic Play's portfolio. As you can see, the developer continues to focus on delivering localized tables in its Live Dealers offering, making players from all across the globe happy. But the launch of the new table is also a further testament to the developer's dedication to being the leading Live Casino developer in the Brazilian market. Stay tuned, as Pragmatic Play will surely create many new experiences for its LatAm fans; Roleta Brasileira is just the beginning!

Pragmatic Play's Statement on the New Localized Table

Even though the developer makes sure to produce new Live Casino games, bingo, and slot games on a regular basis, monthly, it also makes sure to respond to the demands of its fans, and that's why it decided to cater to its Brazilian fans in the best way possible, by launching a localized Brazilian roulette table.

Irina Cornides, its Chief Operating Officer, said that region-focused and customized content had proven super-important to the continued success of Pragmatic Play‘s Live Casino portfolio, so they're delighted to offer the same opportunity with the new Roleta Brasileira to Brazilian operators and players. She added that providing a localized table in the players' native Brazilian Portuguese language would further immerse them into the roulette game and enhance the enjoyment of the experience while boosting engagement for Pragmatic Play's operator partners in Brazil.

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