September 29, 2023
Playtech’s New Live Casino Gameshow Jumanji: The Bonus Level Hits Casinos

Playtech’s New Live Casino Gameshow Jumanji: The Bonus Level Hits Casinos

A week or so ago, Playtech revealed its latest , inspired by the epic movie called : The . If a fan of the brand, and you probably are, let's check it out!

The news was shared at the beginning of August; the global and online gambling content provider, Playtech, has gone live with its latest Live Dealers gameshow, called Jumanji: The Bonus Level. Considering it was 3 whole years in the making, the game is really something, presented in detail, and offering an experience like no other. If already interested in trying it, continue reading to find out the most important details about it!

Jumanji: The Bonus Level by Playtech Goes Live!

The leading Live Casino and online gambling software developer, Playtech, announced at the beginning of August the launch of its latest gameshow, the much-anticipated and long-in-the-making game inspired by the iconic blockbuster, called Jumanji: The Bonus Level.

The new game, which brings together the Live Dealers experience and the popularity of the epic blockbuster, was in a development process for 3 years! Since the developer aimed at redefining Live Casino gaming with it, it took its time to perfect it, and now, there you have it: the world's first-ever Live Casino game to have been inspired by a blockbuster from Hollywood, which is a major milestone in the entire industry and the vertical itself.

Based on the movie's narrative, once you load the gameshow, you're instantly taken on a journey deep in the jungle, facing surprises and challenges on your way to the greatest treasures, such as unlocking secrets of the magic board game or bumping on stampedes of wild animals.

Streamed Live from one of the most complex and largest studios ever built, and designed to immerse you into the enchanted world of Jumanji, Jumanji: The Bonus Level is a masterpiece when it comes to design. The developer's attention to detail ensured that the gameshow replicated the authenticity of the blockbuster, hoping to provide players with a 24/7 theme park experience. Try it and you'll see!

The launch of this new game reaffirms the developer's position as a leader in delivering immersive and unique gaming experiences. Considering the Live vertical continues to increase as players are constantly favoring gaming experiences streamed in real-time, Playtech has done a great job with this new title, adding a layer of authenticity to it.

The online gambling world expands and so does the increasing demand to deliver immersive entertainment and experiences for players by raising the bar for innovation, quality, and dedication to resonate with players across the globe, and Playtech certainly outdid itself with this new title, providing players exactly what they asked for.

Playtech's Statement on the New Game

Playtech‘s CEO, Edo Haitin, said that they were immensely proud to introduce the revolutionary new gameshow that combined the cinematic magic of the epic movie and cutting-edge tech.

Thanking Sony Pictures for trusting Playtech to bring such a popular brand to life, Haitin added that their entire team poured their expertise and passion into crafting the unrivaled gaming adventure, so they all believed it would set new standards in the Live Casino industry.

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