September 27, 2023
The First-Ever Live No Commission Andar Bahar Was Launched by SA Gaming

The First-Ever Live No Commission Andar Bahar Was Launched by SA Gaming

SA the first-ever No some days ago, and the game is already live with all of its operator partners. Three new side bets have been introduced, too!

Before you check it out yourself, make sure you stay with us and learn as many details as possible about it, so that you can fully enjoy it. Let's check out the updates together!

SA Gaming Goes Live with No Commission Andar Bahar

The leading Live Casino software provider focused on providing Asian-facing content, SA Gaming, has introduced a new game mode to its Live Andar Bahar tables. With this move, the developer created the first-ever No Commission Andar Bahar game, which allows users to switch to the No Commission mode by pressing a button, and with that, take 1:1 payouts on both Andar and Bahar bets! Plus, three new side bets are offered, too! These boosts to the player-favourite Andar Bahar game were announced on the 8th of August, 2023, and so far, they have proven quite successful.

This is the first time Live Casino players will get the chance to experience such a thrill, of playing Andar Bahar streamed live, with such a payout system. If you've played Andar Bahar before, you know that one bet in the game always has a statistical advantage – the one that draws the card first after the Joker, most often Andar.

With that, most Live Andar Bahar games offered across online casinos come with a 5% commission on all winning Andar bets, meaning these bets pay 0.95:1 while the other one, Bahar, pays 1:1. So, the new No Commission mode SA Gaming introduced eliminates the commission and with that, the issue with the game and you get 1:1 payouts on both bets. You can now pick whether you wish to play the game in regular or No Commission mode and switch back and forth between the two!

What's Also New?

Three new side bets have been introduced, further improving the Live Casino game and making it more engaging. You have the 1st Andar and the 1st Bahar, which are winning bets only if Andar or Bahar wins via the first card drawn from the pile. These offer a max payout of 15.5x each.

And, you have the First Three bet, meaning you need to have a 3-card poker hand by combining the two drawn cards with the Joker to win this bet, which is pretty similar to Blackjack's 21+3 side bet. So, whenever the first card dealt to Bahar and the first to Andar form a Straight, a Flush, or a Straight Flush, you get the payout! This bet offers a max payout of 120x.

With that, the number of side bets available for the Live Andar Bahar games by SA Gaming is 10. Regardless of whether you play the regular version or the No Commission Andar Bahar, you get the chance to choose from 10 side bets if you wish, and the max you could win playing with these bets is 800x.

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